Pianist Jure Goručan's album, with three piano masterpieces, produced by PianoRoom and crowdfunding


Innuendo is the most comprehensive project in the production of PianoRoom so far. This album is presentation with creative excellence of young pianist Jure Goručan and creators of PianoRoom for a demanding audience with high quality expectations.

Pianist Jure Goručan's album, with three piano masterpieces, produced by PianoRoom and crowdfunding

The album was created thematically. It consists with pianist's message of profound personal experience, facing the challenges of life and tests for human personality with music, and subtle insights which through music insist to celebrate the beauty of human vulnerability. Chopin's and Rachmaninoff's second piano sonata, and Gaspard de la Nuit of Maurice Ravel, the main work on the album, take the listener into the depths of the human soul, and pianist himself  to the extreme mental expression and feelings through the piano playing.

Professor Arbo Valdma said, that Jure is the musician with lavish imagination and rare courage, because of which he will most likely be trying out new things constantly and risking  even when he will be aware of possible failure.

Yet again, isn't  finding all new ways in the subtle expressions of the deepest human feelings, thinking and experiences always risky? Releasing so ambitious album, without own resources is very brave decision. There are not many albums of classical music that are released and financed with help of crowdfunding in Slovenia, while a significant portion of the available resources are invested in digital promotion.

Funds for that album will be collected on Indiegogo – crowdfunding platform. Such platforms operate on the principle of "Support, if you like it", or collective campaign fundraising for a specific project. Pianist and participating creators of the project Innuendo are hoping that with help of music lovers and their financial contributions, there will be enough funds collected to release musical debut of Jure Goručan. 


More and more successful examples from abroad fill us with optimism.  As an example, Noel Music Management from the UK is the leading agency for classical music, paving the way for young musicians, with innovative schemes and massive funding projects. This way, an entire new career opportunities are possible. 

Vienna Hello Stage, the largest digital community of classical musicians, offers a web promotion, contacts with concert agencies, music management and career building consulting services. Thus have the young musicians quite some digital  assistance available from all over the world.


There are more and more new opportunities, only the paths are not yet beaten. That is why the success of Innuendo is so desired and important goal of a young pianist, so it can become a precedent for any musician who deals with classical music in Slovenia. If Innuendo becomes a success, other musicians will have at least for a bit easier path in an active construction of their musical identity and promotion.

Contribution to Innuendo, is not just a single act, which will be forgotten  when the project is completed. It is also an expression of support to all artists of classical music, which will deal with things a little differently -  a little unusual. 


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