From recording to a CD / Specific offer


If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us.

PianoRoom provides:

  • 20 studio hours, a piano, tuning, sound engineering equipment and a sound engineer;
  • Photo shoot with a professional photographer in a photography studio of PianoRoom’s choice;
  • Design according to the visual identity of PianoRoom’s classic collection;
  • Production of 200 copies of CDs in ECO pack small packaging;
  • The physical and digital distribution at relevant points of sale;
  • Project management.


The musician provides:

  • A quality performance of the music;
  • An orderly repertoire with all necessary information;
  •  About sections for the authors of the music and the music pieces;
  •  Statements on copyright;
  • Text content: presenting the artists, the music, etc.;
  • The purchase of 120 copies of the CD.


IMPORTANT: All additional wishes and expectations (e.g. a larger number of studio hours, a different cover design, other photo shoot conditions, etc.), which exceed the specified conditions in the section ‘PianoRoom provides’ are paid for by the musician.